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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



ATB/MTB page









On this page you will find information about my mountain bike hobby. You will find Information about the bikes Giant Warp DS3, the Trek 6000 and the trials I have visited.
(Did you know:
MTB = MounTain Bike and
ATB = All Terrain Bike?)
I should change the name of this page to ATB/MTB.

The bike(s)

In 2001 I started the hobby. I bought the Giant WARP DS3 Full Suspension Mountain Bike.
On the 25th of august 2011 at the Limburg Vijlen trail after 7000km of hard work, The Giant Warp frame broke.
down in two parts Giant does not provide guarantee on the frame so I had to find another bike. I found a Trek 6000 (life time frame guarantee!).

The navigation

In 2011 I restarted the hobby seriously. After a tough trail in Limburg and lose the track several times, I decided to buy an outdoor navigation set, the Garmin Legend HCx.

The video recordings

Some visitors asked me to describe some trails. But then I would give a personal opinion. I thought the best way to give an impression is making a video registration. The video recordings and photo's are made with a Panasonic DMC-TZ6.

Night biking

During the autumn and winter, biking becomes even more exiting. The early darkness invites us to use a good spot light on our helmet for a nice night trail. I'm using the 2740 LUX BBB BLS-62.
I hope to provide you soon with a nice night video impression.
But be careful, the forester Is watching.

GPX trail logs

The published logs are generated by the Garmin Lengend.
The first logs were bad. It seems that even if the "Guidance methode" was Off Road the system tries to follow the roads. The best logs are generated when no maps are selected.
The logs are made with the interval setting: "Most Often".

The Garmin Legend is not able to receive a track with more than 500 track points. So I have developed a windows program to split-up a track in tracks of 500 track points. You can download the GPX-Splitter here.

Logged Bike Trails:

Best (20110928)
Luyksgestel (20110723)
Veldhoven-Vessem 20110921
Oirschot (20111027)
Mierlo (20110805)
Valkenswaard-Borkel (20111107)
Lierop (20111110)
Hardenberg (20110811)
Nuenen Gulberg (20110821)
Nuenen Papenvoort (20110814)
Drunense Duinen (20110926)
Someren (20110817)
Vlierden (20110819)
Reusel (20110822)
Valkenburg (20110824)
Waalre (20110908/20110916)
Sint Oedenrode (Vresselaarroute) (20110927)
Liessel (20110912)
Uden (20111017)
Cranendonck (20111117)
wtcc night bike trip (20111217)
Houffalize 4 (20120104)
Esbeek Lichtjes route (2012) (20120324)





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